Can Bok Choy be substituted for Napa Cabbage?

I have never tried either Bok Choy or Napa Cabbage. My DH bought Bok Choy for a recipe he wants to make. I want to make the Minestrone Soup by Foodwriter 97426 which calls for Napa Cabbage. Can I substitute one for the other? Thanks for your advice.

  • Posted by: nanaB
  • March 13, 2011


nutcakes March 13, 2011
While Boy Chow won't be out of place in vegetable soup, it won't impart the same quality to the soup as the Napa Cabbage. I would go out and buy Napa (or even regular) cabbage. Make the Minestrone. Then with the Bok Choy, cook it as a side dish later in the week. You can slicde in 1-1/2 inch lengths and saute in a little sesame oil adding the white parts first, then the tender greens toward the end. You can sprinkle with a little soy sauce, and a little chicken stock is fine too if you want to steam it along. You are aiming for a crisp, tender finished dish. This is good in stir fries too, alongside any asian type noodle dish.
vivisue March 13, 2011
I really think it depends on your dish. If it is a stir fry then I would say go for it! I love them both and would be happy with either in most dishes.
pierino March 13, 2011
Bok choy and nappa are two different flavors and textures, while it would be an odd addition to a minestrone it might work. You won't know until you try it.
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