I have a big chinese cabbage ( Napa ) in the fridge. I only know how to cook it in asian ways, because of my ethnicity. Is there any unusual way to cook it?



Hummusit January 24, 2011
You could try stuffing it as you would stuffed cabbage or vine leaves. It be interesting to use a slightly different stuffing - maybe rice with Asian seasoning and coconut milk.
AntoniaJames January 24, 2011
Amanda's grandmother's napa cabbage salad with warm bacon dressing is excellent. http://www.food52.com/recipes/7940_helen_getzs_napa_cabbage_with_hot_bacon_dressing

I've made it and would have eaten it all myself, had I not had others to feed that night . . . . ;o)
innoabrd January 23, 2011
Napa cabbage actually makes a great raw, shredded salad. Loads of ways to do it, but something along the lines of a Chinese chicken salad works really well. Something along the lines of this:

Had some raw napa cabbage just tonight on this:

pierino January 23, 2011
Similar to Stephskitchen you might try a riff on the classic frisee au lardons. Shred the cabbage across the leaves. Prepare some croutons. Sautee some thick chunks of bacon or pancetta. Toss with a basic vinaigrette. Top each portion with a 3 minute poached egg with the yolk still runny. For some contrast in the salad itself you could combine the nappa with some radicchio which also goes well with bacon.
lifestooshort January 23, 2011
Just tried this yesterday--delicious!
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