This is more a survey - have any of you PicklePeople tried using a kevlar glove during prep work? I sliced my left index finger open last week, and then last night I removed the tip of my right thumb with my shiny new mandoline ... my motto has generally been safety second but the band-aid budget has taken a sharp rise ...



betteirene January 26, 2011
Kevlar gloves are a useful kitchen gadget, and SuperGlue is one of the best kitchen tools ever. Invest in both. They're cheaper and more sanitary than band-aids.

My safety record at work is excellent. At home, I'm not so good. I got my first set of stitiches and first ambulance ride when I was 9, when I cut my left thumb. It was just like Dan Ackroyd's spurting impersonation of Julia Child. Gross. That thumb never bent at the joint afterward. I've gotten stitches three times since then, not from knives or my mandoline or my electric slicer, but from broken glass hiding in the sink and a trash bag, and once from a canned ham back in the day when they opened with a key. I regularly gouge myself with the tip of the food processor blade, scrape knuckles and fingernails on the box grater, and receive minor paper-type cuts that I don't know are there until I squeeze a lemon.

The gloves come in sizes, so pick out a pair that fits snugly without cutting off your circulation. If you are diligent about using them for all inherently dangerous tasks like using the mandoline or cutting a butternut squash in half with a dull knife, you'll only have to worry about knicks and scrapes.

And burns, but that's another topic.

hardlikearmour January 25, 2011
Yikes, aargersi! Hope you are okay. I haven't used the glove, but this post makes me want to start.
Verdigris January 25, 2011
I use one with a mandoline, but not with knife. I get too easily hurt with the mandoline.
innoabrd January 25, 2011
I've never cut myself on a mandoline (cause I'm scared and so paying attention!) but I do make a habit of grating the tips of my fingers. I bought this mandoline and love it. Nice big guard to hide my hand behind...
Outsidepaddle January 25, 2011
I always wear one when using a mandolin and if I'm doing a lot of prep I wear the glove when using a knife as well.
aargersi January 25, 2011
Hey DrBabs - guess what I was making when I sliced? :-) Totally worth it though ... and am ordering the glove today ....
drbabs January 25, 2011
OUCH! I've never used a glove--but should--I cut my thumb with a mandoline, too. Hope you're better soon.
ChefDaddy January 25, 2011
I have always used a cutting glove when using a mandoline. Never have used for cutting with a knife. But, it's just too easy to get hurt with a mandoline.
JessieLK January 25, 2011
I don't personally, but my mother in law does. She swears by them. Hope your thumb feels better!
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