SOS. I'm baking a cake this afternoon a recipe that calls for vege oil which i recently used up. Can I substitute butter my preferred ingredient? I do have canola on hand.



isabelita January 26, 2011
I loved all the answers and settled on canola oil. Cake turned out to be quite tasty. Thank you.
Soozll January 26, 2011
Definately use the clarified butter! Better yet, brown it...unless it's a white cake!
betteirene January 26, 2011
Yes, you can substitute butter for oil. I've done it many times. It sometimes results in a different texture or flavor than intended, but it has always worked. To be safe, if you've never made this recipe before, use the canola--it's a perfect substitute for vegetable oil.

If you'd really, really rather use the butter because you're thinking it would enhance the flavor of the cake, clarify it first. Then you won't have to do all kinds of calculations to account for the extra water that butter contains. Use the clarified butter measure-for-measure for the oil.
beyondcelery January 26, 2011
You can absolutely use canola oil in place of vegetable oil; I actually use that for most of my cakes. Melted butter is also an option, though it will change the density and crumb of your cake, so just be aware of that.
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