I want to start making my own sausages and am looking for a good meat grinder. Any suggestions?



Chef E. February 28, 2018
Click and check good meat grinders
lifestooshort February 2, 2011
Many thanks to all for your very useful advice. I think I'll go with the KitchenAid attachment, since I'm not sure whether this will be a successful endeavor :)
ChefDaddy January 28, 2011
I started with a kitchen aid mixer w/grinder attachment and eventually bought a 3/4 horsepower and now a 1hp for home use. So, I feel if I just had purchased the 1hp model to begin with I would be ahead. But, I do use my kitchen aid mixer frequently
for many other things so no money wasted there.
amreiskitchen January 28, 2011
I love my kitchenaid mixer attachment. Used to use a hand crank(aka manual grinder). Electricity is a wonderful thing. You want to have the strength to lift your fork afterwords). If you don't want to fork out the $ you can get by with the food processor, but the texture will be slightly off. once you taste the results you will wonder why you didn't make some sooner. If you want links get the stuffer attachment. We freeze sausage all the time. My husband likes it so well he has become very critical of the commercially made stuff. He didn't used to be a food nut , but I have been converting him.
rlouisecull January 28, 2011
I've been really happy with the Kitchen Aid attachment. I have the meat grinder and the sausage stuffer attachments, and they have worked pretty good. The meat grinder is great, but the sausage stuffer is a little difficult to use - but maybe I just need more practice because it seems to go more smoothly each time. For what it's worth, I only make sausage 1-2 times a year...
jwolfsthal January 28, 2011
oh, and be sure to also buy a good sausage stuffer - because doing it any other ay is impossible and frustrating.
jwolfsthal January 28, 2011
if you are fully committed and it's damn the torpedoes, the by all means invest in a good, heavy and reliable product. If you are justing dipping your toe in the water, think about using your food processor - not idea but it works very well for basic sausages and ground meats. Just above that is the kitchen aid attachment, which I use and have had good results with.
innoabrd January 28, 2011
I'm pretty happy with my kitchen aid mixer attachment, but I don't use it but 4-5 times a year.
Ms N. January 27, 2011
Check this out http://tiny.cc/bizxw - it's the one we use to make burger and sausages of types, and we have tested it agianst the KA attachment. The KA attachment does work well, but not as well as this. Plus the Maverick has a lower profile, which helps us on the short side people get on top of the meat pusher. I reccomend it.
foongfest January 27, 2011
Checkout this article from serious eats. It's got a pretty good break down.
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