Homemade sausages with vegetarian/ vegan casing

Hey all! I’m hoping to make some beef and cheddar sausages but I don’t want to use animal casing for it, has anyone ever tried using a vegetarian casing for meat sausages? If so, how did it go and do you have any tips?

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1 Comment

Lori T. June 27, 2020
I bought some from a place called The Sausage Maker, about a year ago, to make vegetarian sausages for a friend of my daughter. The largest size I could get was 32 mm, which is a bit on the small side for things like bratwurst style sausages. You slip them on your stuffer tube dry, and they are moisturized by the stuffing mixture as it goes. I didn't notice any more challenges so far as splitting or breaking than usual, but they didn't do so well if you steam first and then grill. Some of the material disappeared, and some turned into a sort of jel goo. On the grill, it handled pretty much like other casings. I get you want to avoid animal casings, but do you just mean you want to avoid the traditional intestine type? They make collagen casings, using animal collagen, so they aren't vegetarian obviously. But they work very well. They go on dry as well, don't need refrigeration or salt, and do not smell at all. They are also available in a much wider selection of sizes, to suit your need.
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