O.K. It started with me making cornbread. I wanted to make stuffing with the leftovers. Tuesday I went over to buy cornish game hens, but something had gotten screwed up with the order. They won't be in now till Friday, and I won't be able to make them till Sunday. So, I want to make the stuffing tonight. I want to use up some boneless, skinless chicken thigh meat we have in the freezer. I am thinking of making a casserole with the cornbread, onions, celery, herbs, (cooked in butter, of course!) sausage, maybe dried cranberries, nuts(?), and the chicken thigh meat. Any suggerstions as to how to cook the thigh meat? I don't want it to be dried out, of course. Last time I tried to quickly pan-fry chunks, they got a bit dried out. Since the thighs are skinless, I don't think that I can cook them on top of the stuffing. Any ideas? Thanks!

bella s.f.


Kayb December 9, 2010
Either the poaching or the pan-frying with the later addition of water would work. I often make chicken and dressing like this. I prefer it with a mix of dark and white meat, so I'd toss in a breast filet or two, if 'twere me.
iuzzini December 9, 2010
I'd either go along with hardlikearmour, or I'd season them and coat lightly w olive oil and then roast them in the oven until the juices run clear . . . Maybe 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes and then check them (they may need longer depending on the thickness of the meat)
hardlikearmour December 9, 2010
Heat a tablespoon or 2 of veggie or olive oil over med-high in a non-stick or cast iron skillet. Pat chick thighs dry, and season with salt and pepper. Fry thighs undisturbed for several minutes until golden brown. Flip them over, add enough water to pan to cover bottom about 1/4", reduce heat to med, and cook until 160 degrees in center of thickest cut, probably 6-8 minutes. Let cool until you can handle then shred.
Verdigris December 9, 2010
I would probably cook the chicken thighs in a crock pot if I had the time. But poaching them on the stove top would probably work as well.
innoabrd December 9, 2010
SOunds like 'dressing', which is unstuffed stuffing. Why not just shred the chicken a bit and mix it into the dressing? I do my dressing quite moist, with lots of chicken stock and cook it for a good long while so the whole thing kind of caramelizes and transforms....
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