Hi! I want to make 1/2 of a yeasted bread recipe. The recipe calls for one packet of active dry yeast. Silly question, but can I use the same amount of yeast or should I halve that also?



amreiskitchen January 28, 2011
Half the yeast . When it comes to Yeast, too much can be a very bad thing. Often times when multiplying a recipe, you shouldn't multiply the yeast. Learned this from the King Arthur Flour folks, and it has proved to be true.
RobertaJ January 28, 2011
Cut the amount of yeast in half, along with all the other ingredients. I do it all the time, and it works beautifully.
hardlikearmour January 27, 2011
half a package is 1 & 1/8th tsp. if you keep the rest tightly sealed in the fridge you can save it for your next half batch.
pierino January 27, 2011
Use 1/2. It's a ratio thing. Unlike most forms of cooking bread is chemistry.
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