Thoughts on using dark brown sugar for light in cookie recipe?

  • Posted by: Lara
  • June 29, 2016


dinner A. June 30, 2016
Dark brown sugar is more acidic than light, which may make your cookies rise higher/cakier. It is also a bit more hygroscopic from the higher molasses content, which can make cookies a little more chewy and a little less crisp. See "cookie fact #8" in this Food Lab test of cookie components; the comparison is white v. brown, but light v. dark will be similar but possibly less dramatic:
How much these differences appear will of course depend on the type of cookies.
Emily L. June 29, 2016
I have often bought dark brown sugar instead of light brown on accident (normally from Trader Joe's) and I use it the same, the cookies just have more of a caramel flavor which isn't a bad thing in my mind!
ChefJune June 29, 2016
I do that often, as I enjoy the butterscotch-y flavor it imparts to the cookie in question.
BerryBaby June 29, 2016
They will also be darker in color and may rise just a bit more due to moisture content of dark brown sugar.
PHIL June 29, 2016
can you cut the brown with some white to create light brown sugar?
Smaug June 29, 2016
Yes you can- ordinary brown sugar (as opposed to raw sugar and such) is just white with molasses added. The molasses also adds some acidity, which will have an effect if there is baking soda in the recipe.
C S. June 29, 2016
The flavor is stronger but if you don't mind that it will be fine.
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