marshmallow creme cake filling

I'm interested in making a smores cake. I envision a chocolate layer cake with chocolate buttercream on the outside, but a burnt marshmallow filling between the two layers. I'll be doing the cake and buttercream from scratch and was hoping to take a shortcut with the filling. Can i just spread and torch marshmallow creme/fluff on the bottom cake, then stick the second cake on top? Or does the marshmallow need to be mixed with something else? Will the layers stay in place or is the top cake likely to slide off? I've never worked with creme/fluff so I have no idea what to expect. Thanks!
As a corollary, I was going to use pretzel in lieu of graham cracker by standing up little pretzel sticks around the outside of the cake. Any ideas on how to incorporate perhaps crushed pretzel on the inside of the cake, without the pretzel getting soft or gummy?



BerryBaby July 1, 2016
You know what would be interesting and great for the 4th? A S'Mores Refrigerator cake! Layers of graham crackers, marshmallow fluff with whipped topping and chocolate chips and chocolate topping or syrup for the layers. Has anyone ever tried this? I just came up with this but think I could make it work. Has anyone ever tried doing this?
BerryBaby July 1, 2016
Oops....part of this repeated...sorry!
Nancy June 30, 2016
I know sugar is (often) the point of cake making. However chocolate cake, marshmallow fluff AND chocolate frosting sounds like a LOT of sugar to me.
Maybe make a naked cake - trend recently for wedding cakes - no frosting on the side.
Then, do one layer of frosting on the top, with crushed or whole pretzels added just before serving.
That gives you the salty/sweet contrast and still has crunch.
Hemz7781 June 30, 2016
You make an interesting point. I do have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate buttercream so the thought of a cake without it hurts my soul ;) But I do wonder about excessive sweetness.
Nancy June 30, 2016
PS I know this is decadent, but I was thinking of ways to still have a strong chocolate presence in this dessert, without both cake & frosting.
Your idea of pretzel garnish reminded me of Momofuku (milk bar) pretzel cake.
Maybe make that, layer it with marshmallow fluff, ice with chocolate frosting.
I know, I know, sugar.
But high contrast and great flavors.
Caroline L. June 30, 2016
Our contributor Erin just made a really (really really really) delicious s'mores cake— Her marshmallow filling sort of firms up, marshmallow-style, rather than remaining gooey. (I'm not sure about the pretzels, but I like where your head is. I'll think on it!)
Hemz7781 June 30, 2016
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