Removing layers of cake AFTER cutting....HELP!

I made a 13" x 9" sheet cake (it was an extra tall pan). I have successfully sliced the cake into thirds and I want to know if there is a trick to remove these layers in order to put the filling between them. Despite the extra tall pan and extra batter-the cake only came out to be a bit more than 3" high at it's tallest center point (the dome doesn't bother me). The 2 slices I made resulted in an average layer thickness of just over 1/2" - (obviously the top layer is thicker in the center). Exactly what I wanted and what the recipe I am trying to replicate looked like it was. The issue is...Unlike the recipe and all the instructional cake slicing videos I have watched-I did NOT use a round pan (needed a larger cake). and as a result of the length and fragility due to the thinness of the layers-Finding it impossible to lift any of the layers I just cut without the imminent danger of breaking it right in half-(to say the least). Any tricks,tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Urgent!!!

Christine Vichi


BakerRB June 30, 2018
Slide in a cookie sheet (without sides) or a large rectangle of cardboard.
boulangere June 30, 2018
I agree. I use cake cardboard, and slide them in carefully from each end, then gently lift only high enough to move them to the side. And if they crack, well, icing covers multitudes of sins. You'll be just fine.
Smaug June 30, 2018
Did you line the bottom of the pan with wax paper or parchment? If so, it should be a simple matter to remove the whole cake by cutting around the edges and inverting it over aa large board or another sheet pan. It would be better to have done this before slicing, but not crucial. If you didn't, you may have a problem. You can probably get two of them out more or less intact by working under them with a large spatula (or two) or a cookie sheet- conceivably a metal pizza peel, but one of them is likely to get pretty messed up- since you're icing the cake, this one can probably be hidden as a middle layer. Best of luck.
Smaug June 30, 2018
Wait, I remember that pan- you were the person with the 13x9x4 pan (I reiterate, this is not a sheet cake pan). With that depth and the large bulge, turning the cake out will probably not work well, and you won't find a cookie sheet or pizza peel less than 9"- you don't want to be working from the long side. I'm extremely dubious about getting cardboard under it if you didn't line the pan, especially the first piece (4" sides will be a real problem with sliding anything under there). They actually make super flexible spatulas that are designed to get around a corner, but they work much better in glass pans, and not more than about 2" deep. You are clearly taking some chances here working out of your comfort zone, which is to be applauded- it's neither much fun or very educational if you're not taking chances- but it will get you in trouble sometimes. If worse comes to worse, you could make one of those English desserts; fools or- can't remember the other one- where you mush up broken cake with cream, jam etc. in a clear glass. Nothing beats fun.
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