Jade rice

I can't find jade rice at my grocery store, what is a good substitute ?

Shelley  Tucker


luvcookbooks July 5, 2016
I made the salmon with jade rice recipe from the salmon contest last night. Couldn't find jade rice, so I used Japanese short grain. Not as pretty as the picture, but delicious. I'll keep my eyes open, but don't remember seeing it at a store. Internet ordering always possible. :)
Shelley T. July 5, 2016
I ordered rice from Amazon but it ended up being the wrong rice! I am also testing the salmon recipe and I was considering dropping out because I don't have the right rice, but now I think I'll just try since I have all the other ingredients. Thanks for your help!
702551 July 2, 2016
Just buy from Amazon.
702551 July 2, 2016
Oh, if you need a substitute right away, just use short-grain or medium-grade Asian rice.

If you need to buy this at a bricks-and-mortar store, just look for anything that says "sushi rice." That should suffice.
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