Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker?

I've tried to make brown rice in a rice cooker for the past few times now but it always comes out mushy. I've tried less water-more time, more water-(a little) less time but haven't been able to find the right technique yet. I want to avoid the oven method (too much time on a weeknight for one person). I also have a finicky electric stove (NYC apt) so I don't want to hover over the stove all night long either. I know there's gotta be a way to get perfectly cooked brown rice in a rice cooker! Thoughts anyone?

Thx in advance!



Greenstuff August 6, 2015
An old question, but I just got a new rice cooker, so it's timely to me, maybe to someone else. My old one (20 years old but fuzzy logic) had no brown rice setting. I just used the regular setting or "firmer" (plus a little oil), and brown rice and brown-rice mixtures turned out as great as Japanese short-grained white. My new one (also electronic plus induction) does have a brown rice setting. The first time through, I followed the instructions, setting the controls for brown rice and adding water to the brown-rice setting. Mushy. The second time, I reverted to my past, using the regular white rice setting and water levels, adding a little oil, and being sure to plump up the rice and let it sit at the end. Success. I have yet to try the GABA setting.
JamesSm August 6, 2015
Do you use a cooker? Honestly, I don't even mess with cooking rice on the stove any longer. It's just not necessary. I also went with a pretty sweet steamer. It cost a bit, but the investment has been worth it so many times over. Makes great brown rice, too. The settings take care of all of it. &
susan G. January 22, 2013
If you get the timing right for when you want to serve the rice, there is a nutrient increase effect in soaking brown rice. It's often called GABA rice, because that's one of the increased components. Some rice cookers will program the soaking time in before cooking. Here's instructions:
BoulderGalinTokyo January 22, 2013
I agree with susan g that looking at your directions for your machine is a good start. I have 2 cycles: a 3 hour, and a 70 minute cycle for brown rice, white is different. Also different water amounts.
Elizabeth R. January 22, 2013
After fiddling with techniques of all sorts, this is the one that works for me: I suggest that if you know you're going to be cooking brown rice that day, soak your brown rice in advance. I've done it at least an hour before, but the longer the better (once I had an impromptu dinner date so my brown rice ended up soaking overnight and then some). I throw my rice into some tupperware (even a recycled plastic takeout soup container will work so use what you've got), let it soak, drain, and then cook with the 2:1 ratio (though I'm Asian, so I was taught the hand method). Works like a charm!
Kristen W. January 21, 2013
Cook's Illustrated says 2 1/3 cups water or stock to 1 1/2 cup brown rice. This ratio has worked VERY consistently for me.
Greenstuff January 21, 2013
If you don't already, add just a little oil.
susan G. January 21, 2013
First, see if your rice cooker has instructions for cooking brown rice. I have one with a 'measure' cup, and markings on the side that indicate the water level depending on the type of rice used. My experience has been good -- the rice is just right. If you have no instructions or clues, use 1 c rice:2 c water -- that works for me.
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