I am attempting to make a gluten free pie crust. My recipe calls for sweet rice flour, but I can only find rice flour. Is there really a diff

Thank you for your help!

  • Posted by: see
  • November 13, 2013


see November 13, 2013
Thank you both for these responses. I just baked my pies using rice flour the rice dough as I did not find sweet rice flour and they look good. Too hot to taste. Rolling out the dough was tricky. It did need patching. It browned well.
SeaJambon November 13, 2013
Yes, there is -- and it is a big difference when baking GF. Sweet rice flour (unlike the other rice flours) is more of a starch than a flour, so in a pinch you can substitute tapioca starch or corn starch. But, you will be happier with the result if you have the sweet rice flour. It can be a bit tough to find. Sometimes it is in the specialty flour section, sometimes it is in the Asian food section, and sometimes it is nowhere to be found. If you intend to do a fair amount of GF baking, it is worth the search. And know that pie crusts are among the most difficult things to make GF with a "good" result (gluten acts as a solid "binder" in pie crusts; without it, the pie crust may not roll out well and may have to be patched together in the pan). Just know that if you aren't pleased with the result it isn't you; it is the lack of gluten.
needfulthings November 13, 2013
Apparently there is a difference - both are made from different kinds of rice. Here's a link explaining the difference : http://www.thekitchn.com/whats-the-difference-rice-flou-137190
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