Can I put avocados in the fridge to stop them from over ripening?

leigh frat


Bevi July 5, 2016
I do this all the time. It's hard to keep up with ripe avocados, unless guac is on the menu!
sydney July 4, 2016
If you know where and how they're grown that probably helps a lot. I don't know, and try as we may to choose 'safe-looking' ones, sometimes they ripen, sometimes they never do, sometimes they're weird inside. We return a few to the store (produce is too expensive to keep if it never ripens, or is weird, or horrible) on occasion. I always ripen them at room temperature and then refrigerate to keep if they're not being eaten immediately. We buy/eat A LOT of avocados.
Susan W. July 3, 2016
You sure can. I grew up with 32 avocado trees in my backyard. My mom still lives there. We've always put avocados in the fridge to delay ripening. I still do it when I buy too many to consume. No need to let them ripen first.
Windischgirl July 3, 2016
Yup. Just make sure they are ripe first...give to a little pressure. Too soon and they get a weird crumbly or greasy texture.
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