Keeping roaches at bay but some produce should not be in the fridge?

Hi all! My housemates and I are trying to cut back on what we keep on the counter, as we're seeing roaches appear. It is not bad yet, and we've read that putting all food/produce in the fridge or sealed containers can help. I also have read that tomatoes, bananas, avocados, and some other produce does best kept out to breathe (science!). Any pointers? Thank you!

Layne Scherer
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1 Comment

Wendy September 8, 2020
Many years ago I worked at an aquarium. The heat and humidity from the pumps and filters running 24 hours a day combined with the necessary import of flora and fauna from all over the world resulted in an enormous and constant roach infestation. One of the effective ways we coped with this was hanging everything on wire hangers, suspended from the ceiling. Our lunches, our clothes and shoes, even books, everything was suspended from wire hangers. Yes it looked strange but it worked. None of us brought a single roach from work home with us and we never found a roach in our lunch or clothes (we were required to wear uniforms.) You could also try a rack for drying clothes and put hangers on that. Good luck!
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