I cooked boston baked beans and left them in the oven too long - they are tasty but the sauce is gone. Is there a fix for this?



BerryBaby July 9, 2016
When adding the water add little bits at a time until the sauce reaches the consistency that you want. I have done this previously and works very well.
JasMWood July 9, 2016
Thanks very much - it worked!
BerryBaby July 9, 2016
You're welcome!
702551 July 8, 2016
Add water.
JasMWood July 8, 2016
Will that dilute the original sauce? Thanks for the suggestion
702551 July 8, 2016
What is will do is reconstitute it so it is closer to what it was originally intended.

You cooked out all of the water out of the sauce. It evaporated. Adding the water puts back that which was not meant to be taken out.
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