Does cooking potatoes in the microwave before baking them in the oven taste worse than cooking them in the oven for an hour?



Pat E. November 28, 2010
partial microwave is OK in an emergency...but it really better be an emergency 'cause they aren't nearly as good. There's nothing like a good oven baked potato...fluffy and dry....ready to smother with butter and sour cream...
Queen O. November 28, 2010
If you are doing the entire cooking process in the microwave, you do end up with a different texture. If I have a time crunch though, I compromise by doing a little start time in the microwave then finishing in the oven. Same thing for home fries in the morning.
mrslarkin November 28, 2010
If you're in a time crunch and you really want a baked potato lickety split, the microwave is your friend. Otherwise, use the oven.
drbabs November 28, 2010
I totally agree with pierino. There is nothing in the world like a good oven-baked potato. Bake it.
pierino November 28, 2010
Microwaving potatoes only adds speed to the process nothing else. A good oven baked potato is worth waiting for.
ChefBourinaris November 28, 2010
Microwave ovens tend to change the structure of the potato. Bake a good Idaho Baking Potato brush with oil to retain moisture and put some sea salt on the skin 1st. Pierce them and then bake. You will never make them another way! This is like all of the steak houses do! Yummy
lallimusic November 28, 2010
No, and if you're in a hurry this is a great option. You wont get the nice dry potato skin, though. Could crisp them up in the oven after finishing the microwaving,if you want. 450 for 5-10 minutes should do it.
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