What food-related name should I give my kitten?

My last cat was named Mochi, but sadly, Mo stayed with my roommate when I moved out. Now I'm getting ready for a new kitten (!!!!) but I need help with the name. Preferably food-related, but not a requirement (I'd like to name the cat "Bippity Boop," but it's been vetoed by several parties). Other ideas: Lamb Chop/Lamby, Tuna, Duck, Sir Peanut, Mr. Pickles, Lentil/Lenny. It's a boy cat.

Please help!

Sarah Jampel


Cindy A. March 4, 2018
Miss_Karen March 3, 2018
Ganache. (1/2 chocolate and 1/2 cream) or Vanillate (vanilla+ chocolate)
Chocilla (Pronounced: Choc ill a)
Exbruxelles March 1, 2018
We're going to name our new puppy Gnocchi.
Picholine August 27, 2016
Picholine 😊
BerryBaby August 27, 2016
Me, along with many others I'm sure, have been awaiting your announcement on the selected name for your kitten. Did I miss it? So many choices!
caninechef August 2, 2016
When is the christening taking place? Or did I miss something?
BerryBaby August 2, 2016
I, too, am looking forward to big name reveal! To be honest, even selecting one 'given' name won't be the only name Sarah uses. I would bet at some point the kitten will be referred to as Cupcake, Cookie, Baby, Pumpkin, My Little Dumpling, and the list goes on. My dog knows her name but also answers to about 20+ others!
Mil H. August 2, 2016
MMH August 1, 2016
Leanne July 31, 2016
Annie S. July 31, 2016
I went into a market to buy some good tomatoes. I ran right into an adoption event and came home with a kitten. Her name is Tomata.?
scruz July 31, 2016
lucky little tomata!
arcane54 July 30, 2016
Tonnato (Tony); if brownish- Curry; choux (chewy); the ev-popular Muffin; Frico; Chuleta (pork chop)... OTOH I had a carpenter friend who named his two cats, Mortise and Tenon.
arcane54 July 30, 2016
Didn't see the photo posted! What a cutie! And some great names!
Robert M. July 28, 2016
It seems that plain ole "Chops" would fit nicely.
cbforesman July 28, 2016
That little cat is a Smokey Joe.
Kimbra July 27, 2016
Mushroom or Cocoa
prandial July 27, 2016
Miso? Maitake (Take for short)?
Christina M. July 27, 2016
Annie S. July 25, 2016
We had a cat named Sass- Purr- Illa because my girls thought everyone should have a first,middle and last name.?
paseo July 25, 2016
Gateaux (pronounced gato)
Droplet July 25, 2016
Love it! And Gatto is the Italian for cat, pronounced the exact same way....:)
paseo July 31, 2016
El gato is Spanish for cat - pronounced ga toe (accent on first syllable. I am thinking of the way the English pronounce gateaux.
peg July 24, 2016
Emily |. July 14, 2016
This is out there, but after my husband and I visited Amsterdam we vowed if we ever got a dog to name it Bitterballen, Bitte (sounds like BeeTee) for short.
keg72 July 14, 2016
Chutney or Pepe (as in cacio e pepe)
louisez July 14, 2016
How about Benedict (Ben or Benny, from Eggs Benedict; from Latin blessed)?
Pegeen July 14, 2016
Love "Oreow." Orie for short.
Patti R. July 13, 2016
How about Freska, as in Pasta Freska...or Fazool! Then you'd have Kitty Fazool!
L. B. July 13, 2016
Roux seems like a cute name :)
L. B. July 13, 2016
Also Frico, Spritz or Panko
creamtea July 14, 2016
Panko is so cute.
Melusine July 13, 2016
Since she's a combination of chocolate and vanilla, I'm trying to make Stracciatella work.
Suzanne July 13, 2016
Puff.... as in cheese puff.
702551 July 12, 2016
Droplet July 12, 2016
Oreow, Malty
BerryBaby July 12, 2016
I'm still liking the Gumbo :) after seeing the kitty photos.
Niknud July 12, 2016
Cashew (which is, incidentally, what we call our kids since they're half Catholic, half Jewish). I'm also throwing in another vote for Pickles which was what I was going to suggest until I saw you had it listed up there.
BerryBaby July 11, 2016
Cream Puff (call him Puff as in the Dick and Jane books from elementary school).
Bevi July 11, 2016
Asha L. July 11, 2016
I am a fan of cheese names like Reggiano (Reggie for short)!
Sarah J. July 11, 2016
VERY cute
EmilyC July 11, 2016
Semifreddo -- Fred, for short. Ok I'll stop now! : )
Sarah J. July 11, 2016
Emily!!! That's amazing.
BerryBaby July 11, 2016
Or Alfredo, you can call me 'Al'!
Greenstuff July 11, 2016
My grandparents had a cat named Martini. She was pretty crazy as a kitten and kind of nasty as a cat. So, sadly, there were no second Martinis in my family.
pierino July 11, 2016
Pastis. Which turns cloudy when you add water.
amysarah July 11, 2016
My childhood cat was named Lamb Chop - after Shari Lewis' puppet (the old folks around here will know that ref.) She was a good cat.

Info about the kitten might help inspire a name, food or otherwise - color, markings, etc.
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 11, 2016
LambChop? : )

Voted the Best Reply!

Sarah J. July 11, 2016
Okay, here's a picture. One of these ones!
amysarah July 11, 2016
Ragdolls are the best - we have one. Sweetest thing ever. Over time, his dark markings may get darker, making him look more white/tan with black face and “boots.” (Btw, HOW do you post a picture on Hotline??)

Given his coloring and sweet disposition, how about "Babka"? https://firstlookthencook.com/2010/01/15/chocolate-babka/ For both the delectable cake and the hilarious Seinfeld episode (The Dinner Party): https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2015/04/10-iconic-nyc-foods-of-seinfeld.html

PS SexyLambChopx - does your name come from Shari Lewis too? Too funny!

Lindsay-Jean H. July 11, 2016
amysarah, just below the box where you type an answer/response, on the left side, you should see a button to add an image!
amysarah July 11, 2016
Aha! Thx, Lindsay Jean - naturally the answer was right there all along!

Anyway, Sarah - when our ragdoll was a kitten, she looked exactly like yours. As she grew, her color became more contrasted. (Btw, I see you coincidentally just posted a piece on babka....fate?)
Sarah J. July 11, 2016
What a beautiful cat!
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 12, 2016
@amysarah - No, Shari Lewis reference just my husbands pet name for me. The sexy was added because the handle lamb chop was already taken on the site.
scruz July 31, 2016
haha. my sig other calls me "pork chop" (blush) and it kind of fits. it's his take off on lamb chop.
EmilyC July 11, 2016
Ali S. July 11, 2016
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