Good recipe for large cakes?

I'll be making a tiered cake for a wedding shower in a few weeks and am curious if anyone has a tried and true recipe that they know will be consistent in larger pans (12"). It is surprising how many blogs use mixes, and to be honest even though I am a bit of a homemade- cake snob I was considering going that route if it was truly the best idea. But Id rather not... I was thinking maybe a good sheet cake recipe would be a good idea? Thanks for your opinions!

Jennifer W


dinner A. July 12, 2016
Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen baked a wedding cake for some friends, and chronicled it in a series of posts. Here's the part with the cake recipes (one white, one chocolate, in up to 12" squares):
And here's the links to the other parts:
BerryBaby July 12, 2016
Check out Ina Garten's site. As a former cater she made many wedding cakes and shares recipes online. I'm a huge Ina fan and find her recipes to fit my style of cooking. Good luck!
Nancy July 12, 2016
Look at Rose Levy Beranbaum's first cookbook, The Cake Bible.
There's a whole section on making wedding cakes, including the amounts needed for tiers.
Haven't made those, but everything else of the (many) recipes I baked from that book have turned out and tasted delicious.
May be worth buying a'll find use for it after making the wedding shower cake.
It has good recipes, references, tool & source lists, accessory sub-recipes (icings, garnishes, etc).
Dona July 12, 2016
I bought The Cake Bible used from Amazon for about $2 recently. Great resource.
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