Open Flame Contest

Maybe I didn't understand this contest, so looking for clarification. I thought this was about making a dish on an open flame, which meant to me from start to finish.

I see many of the entries made sauce on the stove separately or additional steps not on the open flame. I was thinking campfire with an open pit flame. A grill in the backyard is 'grilling' to me.

Really enjoy these contests and I'm sure I'll get the hang of them by observing. Thanks to all that entry. I've gotten many great ideas for future meals to try!




PHIL July 16, 2016
Portion, did u enter your Paella?
PHIL July 16, 2016
*Pierino sorry
pierino July 16, 2016
Victim of automatic spell ? Yes, I did enter a paella but it didn't make the tester phase. However my Korea Town flank steak did. You could cook it over a camp fire I suppose but you would have to bank up your wood/coals to one or two sides.
PHIL July 16, 2016
I saw the s'mores and though it was a campfire type or fire pit thing too
Windischgirl July 16, 2016
I've had only three things cooked over and open flame: marshmallows, hot dogs, and SPAM. The first camping trip I took with my BF (now DH), he introduced me to the wonders of char-broiled SPAM. Open the can, cut the meat into 1/2-inch thick slabs, and spear on a stick. Hold over a campfire until browned and crispy on the outside...much of the fat will drip off so watch for flameouts. Let cool briefly but eat while still hot. Slap away the mosquitos.
Susan W. July 16, 2016
Lol. I so hope you entered the spam. I'm going to delight my fellow campers with this in August. :)
Susan W. July 16, 2016
I was confused too. I have a fabulous cedar plank salmon recipe (I know...I missed the salmon contest), but I've not cooked it on an open flame, so I didn't enter it. Then I saw all of the grilling recipes.
pierino July 16, 2016
Having been around here for a long time I assumed that it simply meant you begin with fire. My own entries begin with real wood charcoal that I set fire to and use as my heat source. You can't cook much in actual flames except toast marshmallows. And in fire season here I don't want burning embers I can't control blowing around.
Susan W. July 16, 2016
I wasn't speaking of open flames. I have spent ten days for the last 25 or so years with a group of friends at Paulina lake in Oregon. We cook everything from Paella (Barbies specialty after living in Barcelona for 4 years so no recipe...just does it from her heart) to steaks, stews and breakfasts over smoldering wood embers (began as open fire obviously) on a very heavy cast iron grate. I probably took the contest title too literally.
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