Question about the latest contest

I just looked through the shortlisted recipes for the dates contest and they all look great! However, I am a little confused as the contest specifically asked for savory recipes, yet there are several sweet recipes in the shortlist. There was a question posted on the hotline about whether the contest was for savory or sweet dates recipes and the editor answered that they are really looking for savory date recipes. I am sure a lot of us followed this answer as well as the contest guidelines and submitted only savory recipes and not the sweet ones. I was just wondering, could the rules have been made a little clearer?

  • Posted by: Madhuja
  • March 10, 2017


Lindsay-Jean H. March 10, 2017
I apologize for the confusion! Savory recipes were definitely prioritized, though not an absolutely must, so we did include a handful of sweet in the lineup for testing.
Madhuja March 10, 2017
Thanks, Lindsay!
meganvt01 March 10, 2017
I had the same question - I would have entered my sweet date recipe but instead I followed the directions!
Madhuja March 10, 2017
Me too! :(
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