Vegans coming to visit. Need suggestions for breakfast and snacks.

Vegan couple coming. Need suggestions for breakfast, snacks. Will probably go out for dinner. Staying two nights. Help!!!

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pink_rose March 8, 2022
Mission Vegans is already on. They demanded eggs fried on []rock salt blocks[/url]
Nancy March 8, 2022
Commercial endorsement for salt block piggybacking on genuine question?
Including eggs, which many if not most vegans don't eat?
HalfPint March 7, 2022
I prefer more of a savory breakfast:

How about avocado toast? My favorite iteration is mashed avocado, seasoned with Everything but the Bagel seasoning & lemon/lime juice. Drizzled with a fruity extra virgin olive oil.

Or just a nice hearty whole grain loaf of fresh baked bread: homemade or from the grocery store. A lot of supermarkets now carry some stellar bread. Serve with a vegan butter or cream cheese and maybe some jam.

You can also sauté mushrooms or greens with garlic and olive oil and serve over toasted bread or soft polenta/grits.

These are also great for lunch.
drbabs March 7, 2022
Vegan or not, I always ask visitors what they like for breakfast, whether they drink coffee, and what to have in the house for snacks. Here are some ideas.

For breakfast: Oatmeal made with almond or soy milk and fruit and nuts for topping. You could make a veggie scramble and add tofu (or not) for breakfast also. Homemade granola. Kite Hill yogurt (Whole Foods) is made from cashew milk. Here are some vegan breakfast recipes.,test-kitchen-approved,vegan&o=relevance
For lunch: Peanut butter sandwiches, hummus and vegetables. Grain bowl with beans and vegetables. A big wonderful salad.
Snacks: Oranges, apples, bananas with peanut butter or almond butter. You could roast some nuts and stir them together with pretzels and have a snack mix. If you use olive oil in place of melted butter in this recipe, it's vegan.

Have fun!
AntoniaJames March 7, 2022
Baked oatmeal makes for a lovely breakfast. Here's a recipe from a vegan recipe developer who's contributed many excellent recipes to Food52: You can make it in advance, heating individual servings in bowls in the microwave. Serve almond or whatever non-dairy milk they prefer on the side, to pour over, if they want it. This recipe can also be made with bananas and/or mangos, if the berries available locally aren't appealing right now.

Plus, if you don't mind serving the same thing twice, you can make enough for two breakfasts, all in one go.

Simpler, but perfectly delicious: combine 3/4 cups of steel cut oats, 3/4 cups of rolled oats, a tiny pinch of salt, and 1 quart of water in a pan with cinnamon / mixed spice /pumpkin pie spice, or whatever, plus a handful of raisins or dried cherries. Cook over medium heat until all the water is absorbed. Serve with bananas or raw firm apples cut into chunk and unsweetened vanilla almond milk or whatever non-dairy milk they prefer. This too can be made in advance. This will make four servings. ;o)
Nancy March 7, 2022
For snacks or lunches, I would go for sandwiches with nuts, seeds and produce, like:
* eggplant
* felafel
* peanut butter and jelly
* hummus and tahina, fully garnished.
For breakfast I'm on weaker ground, so have a look at the search results here - various pancakes, fruit salads with nuts and seeds as a protein boost, plant milk smoothies, so on.
Side dishes - salads, bread, etc. made without either dairy or meat.
Drinks - you would think beer and wine are an easy choice, they sound plant-based after all. But check the web for processing notes - some use animal products in the refining or aging process.
General notes - Similar to maple syrup, which apparently often uses pig fat to strain the foam at the end (you know, like the butter foam when making jam). If you want help in choosing packaged products, go to a store (if you're lucky enough to have one nearby) which has kosher products. [Or, order online if you have enough lead time.]
Ask a salesperson or an online contact for help.
Look for signs on the label reflecting various certifying organizations (OU, COR, K, etc) and the letter P or word parve. With the P or parve, the food is neutral - no dairy, no meat. So should be ok for your vegan guests.
Good luck, and ask for more info if you need it.
Nancy March 7, 2022
Link for breakfast ideas:
Nancy March 7, 2022
Just a clarifying note on the "P" on kosher product labels.
During most of the year, it likely means "parve" or non-dairy and non-meat.
Coming up to Passover (mid-April this year), it can also mean ok for that holiday (no leavening or other ingredients not eaten on that holiday).
So if you are shopping inbthe kosher section, see a P on a label but it looks to have dairy or meat, do check the ingredient list.
pink_rose March 8, 2022
Mission Vegans is already on. They demanded eggs fried on []rock salt blocks[/url]
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