Anyone ever substitute ground chicken for chicken breast in stir fry?

Only have ground chicken in house ...

  • Posted by: Lara
  • July 20, 2016


PHIL July 20, 2016
I think it is unanimous yes Lara
Susan W. July 20, 2016
I often stir fry ground pork, beef and chicken. I think it's a much better choice than chicken breast.
PHIL July 20, 2016
go for it.... you can us the ground chicken all mixed in like chicken and pine nuts, serve it in lettuce cups. or make some mini Asian spiced meatballs , I think both options are better than chicken breast.
HalfPint July 20, 2016
I've done it. Works great. Sometimes I actually prefer the ground meat to sliced.
Greenstuff July 20, 2016
Ground meats work great in stir fries. Ground pork is common, and ground chicken should be good too.
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