Hi! I'm probably just being paranoid, but can you add too much salt to preserved lemons?



dinner A. July 28, 2016
If you find your lemons too salty for your purposes after you've tried them, you could add a bit more lemon juice to the brine after the fact -- in a day or so everything should equilibrate, and your lemons will be less salty.

I doubt it will be a problem, though. Preserved lemons are supposed to be quite salty as a condiment/seasoning. For dishes that have preserved lemon added at the end, I usually add a minimum of salt during cooking, and then add more if it's still not salty enough after adding the preserved lemon.
creamtea July 28, 2016
You've probably put up your lemons by now, but I have a tip for the next time you make cured lemons. Since I can't find pickling salt in my area I find that if I'm using kosher salt, if I grind it up a little in a mini processor, the rinds seem to absorb better and are more tender. I just opened up a batch yesterday, and realized I had forgotten to do this because I was in a rush. The lemons are still good, but the rinds are too firm.
Susan W. July 20, 2016
I agree with Jacob. You can rinse the salt off, but I often don't because I don't use a huge amount of the lemon in my dishes. Don't do what I did...I didn't use enough salt and my lemons molded.
Jacob W. July 20, 2016
Not really other than the fact that you eventually want the salt to dissolve into the lemon juice to make a sort of wet cure. If you find the lemons too salty after a good rinse, try adding sugar with the salt.
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