Can you cook puff pastry in a pressure cooker?

Can you cook puff pastry in a pressure cooker but without the pressure. just a normal lid on.



Susan W. July 21, 2016
Do you by chance have an outdoor gas grill? I use mine as an oven all year round. Recently, I used it to bake bread from the 5 Minute Artisnal Bread and it worked perfectly.
Nancy July 21, 2016
Consensus seems to be nix on the puff pastry in pressure cooker.
But there ARE ways to make bread and fruit cobbler (using a biscuit like topping) in pressure cooker.
Carbs R Us?
PHIL July 21, 2016
Do you have a toaster oven? Tricky but it might work. What do you think C Sangueza and Lisanne?
bakeratheart July 21, 2016
No! Unfortunately i just have a non-convection microwave. But thanks :)
creamtea July 21, 2016
Like C Sangueza said, it needs to bake to brown. Is there a reason you want to cook it in a pressure cooker? Are you putting it over something you've cooked in there (like a pot pie thingy)? Or are you in a kitchen with limited supplies?
bakeratheart July 21, 2016
Hi Lisanne! I don't have an oven in my current place! Since you can bake a cake in a cooker (although not so well), i was wondering if it will work with puff pastry as well.
C S. July 21, 2016
Puff pastry is usually baked - it needs the dry heat to become crisp. I can't imagine it would work on the stove top with any sort of pan. Good luck.
Prashant September 27, 2018
In fact puff pastry rises because of steam created between the layers of the dough. All ingredients are cold and put in the oven ice cold creating steam from the butter to separate the layers.
Mary L. August 9, 2021
Would an air fryer work. I have no stove andcan't get one for a year.
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