Pressure cooking a whole chicken.

I've been wanting to try this for a while: cooking a whole chicken in our stove top pressure cooker. But looking around, all the recommendations I see are for dinky little birds, 1-3 lbs. I have a 6.75 pounder here, and am looking for advice.

Is it a problem if the bird doesn't lay flat in the bottom, but touches the sides of the cooker?

How much liquid do I need to add? Just enough to steam, and achieve pressure? Can I depend on enough cookibg out of the bird?

How long should I go at high pressure?

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1 Comment

Frances April 29, 2015
A 1.7kg chicken in my pressure cooker book needs 20 minutes, quarter cup water. It must be browned before cooking and doesn't say anything about touching the sides and I note that it does not need to sit on a rack. Also says to use natural pressure release. If your cooker is big enough I'd double those requirements. Good luck!
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