Attempting to make a cranberry galette with some leftover puff pastry. Do I need to worry about the bottom getting too soggy?

My plan was to cook the cranberries down until they get jammy, cool, fold puff pastry around and then bake - then I started to wonder if something the consistency of a thick cranberry sauce would run through the bottom of a puff pastry.

Am I over thinking it?

Jules Galette
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1 Comment

Erin J. November 22, 2016
Don't worry about over-thinking it! Always best to plan out a baking project a bit before you dive in! Cranberries can hold a lot of juice, especially if you're using frozen - but cooking them should take care of that no problem! The main thing that will prevent it from getting soggy is baking it at a high enough temperature - at least 400 and even 425 degrees Fahrenheit would be great - you'll end up with a crispy, golden base for sure! Galettes are pretty easy to get the bottom browned because they have direct contact with the base of the pan. Putting it on the bottom rack of your oven helps too!
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