ahern. What are the measurements in cups and tablespoons and teaspoons?

  • Posted by: Sue
  • July 23, 2016
Grain-Free Banana Bread
Recipe question for: Grain-Free Banana Bread


marcellatp July 23, 2016
It's really more accurate to measure flours by weight than volume for baking, it's worth moving to using a scale for better success. Unfortunately the weights given don't exactly line up with standard cup/tablespoon/teaspoon measurements so you may have to just get close.
Almond flour - there are 96 grams per cup. The recipe calls for 100 grams so maybe just be a tiny bit generous.
Arrowroot - 60 grams is nearly half a cup (.47 cup)
Buckwheat - 50 grams is nearly half a cup (.42 cup)
Coconut oil - 80 grams is just over 1/3 cup (.37 cup)

It looks like the rest of the ingredients are in the type of measure you desire. Best of luck with the recipe. I haven't tried this particular one, but I've had good luck with others of hers that I've made.

It looks like the other ingredients in the recipe
Amy July 23, 2016
Unless you are super keen on this particular recipe, you are far better off using a family recipe or a favorite from home and subbing Bob's Red Mill 1:1 baking flour. It's a 1 to one replacement flour that is gluten free. I am a pastry chef and I use this all the time...it's amazing! There are things that you can't do with the flour (ie: sub it in a yeast bread recipe), but for baked goods, almost always turns out identical to the normal version. Now, BRM has a Gluten Free Baking mix too with a red label...don't use that one. You want the blue label called 1:1. Good luck!
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