ahern. Pumpkin bread is my favorite... what flour would you recommend using for pumpkin bread?

Grain-Free Banana Bread
Recipe question for: Grain-Free Banana Bread


SuzyQueu August 27, 2013
Thank you for the great information!
SeaJambon August 27, 2013
No worries -- in that case, do give Gluten Free Girl and the Chef a good read. She has many, many fabulous tips. Also, her food style tends towards a "whole grain" perspective, for baking that is more "traditional" (?? not sure I'm characterizing this well and I certainly mean no disrespect to either style -- just noting that they are different) try "Gluten Free on a Shoestring". There are a number of really great websites for investigating more about baking GF, and determining a flour blend that works well for you and best suits your palate. Gluten-Free Goddess is another good one. I know there are many more great sites, so it is worth asking others which they like and doing your own investigation. Good luck!
SuzyQueu August 27, 2013
Thanks! I am actually a newbie to GF baking :)
SeaJambon August 27, 2013
Emili - If you don't already have your own GF flour mix preference, I'd recommend going to Shauna's website -- Gluten Free Girl and the Chef -- and reading her posts about different flour blends. I think you will find all the info you need there. Alternately, if you've been baking GF for awhile (as many of us have), you probably already have your own preferred blend, why not use that? Finally, you could always use one of the "All Purpose" blends available in the store (Bob's; Pamela's; or King Arthur).
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