A question about a recipe: Tara Duggan's Chard Stalk Hummus

I have a question about the recipe "Tara Duggan's Chard Stalk Hummus " from Genius Recipes. Has anyone tried substituting the lemon juice with something else? A vinegar? Lime juice?

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BerryBaby July 24, 2016
Lime juice is my citrus that I so enjoy more than lemon or vinegar. I use it whenever a recipe calls for lemon juice. It gives a wonderful, fresh lift to any dish.
Nancy July 24, 2016
Have used vinegar in a pinch to substitute for lemon juice in making hummus (but not this particular recipe). It worked OK as an acid, but I missed the brightness of the lemon juice. Lime juice would probably be a better substitute, but other citrus like orange juice might be too sweet, not sharp enough.
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