Dessert wine to pair with Raspberry Custard Cups?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a dessert wine to pair with Raspberry Custard Cups? Thanks!



PHIL July 25, 2016
Thanks Nancy, I feel better now
PHIL July 25, 2016
Nobody likes my Sauternes idea? A little pricing but special .
Nancy July 25, 2016
Dear Little Boy Blue, I mean Phil,
All of us want our ideas to be liked.
But absence of comments doesn't mean no one likes.
So, for the record, Sauternes, though pricey, is indeed a lovely wine to go with desserts.
Or even IN them (see Alice Waters recipe for Olive Oil Sauternes Cake:
pierino July 24, 2016
As it's a custard I'd be inclined to go with a good aged Port wine, not a tawny port.
Dawn W. July 24, 2016
Demi-sec Champagne, sparkling Vouvray or Auslese Riesling from Germany
Maedl July 24, 2016
I might give Moscato d’Asti a try. It is lightly sparkling and I think would pair nicely with fruit. If you can find a Spätlese Riesling, that might also be good. If you want to spend a lot of money, I’d try an Eiswein.

Or, I don’t know how “approved” this idea would be, but I might also try adding raspberry liqueur to a sparkling wine--something on the order of Kir royale.
PHIL July 24, 2016
Nancy July 24, 2016
I would suggest either a good dry Champagne or a Riesling.
If those are not to taste, or you want more ideas, see this fun chart:

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702551 July 24, 2016
Definitely not a dry Champagne. Try a demi-sec.
Nancy July 25, 2016
To CV and those who agreed with the recommendation of demi-sec champagne.
Recommended the dry champagne both to complement the fruit and to offset the (substantial) sugar in the raspberry custard.
Why do y'all say definitely not dry, and yes recommend demi-sec instead?
Looking to learn/understand more.
Maedl July 25, 2016
I wouldn’t serve a dry Champagne with a dessert because the sweetness of the dessert would make the Champagne taste sour.
Nancy July 25, 2016
Margie -
Thanks for that explanation.
Now I'm tempted - for a special occasion - to make the raspberry custard cups and do a side-by-side tasting of the two champagnes.
Maedl July 25, 2016
Tasting side by side would be a great way to understand how the flavors influence each other. Although I think you could just taste a good dry white wine with something sweet and get the same lesson for less money!
Nancy July 25, 2016
Again, Maedel/Margie...thanks, this time for the less expensive taste test idea.
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