Found 2 bags of cranberries in the freezer. Age: definitely more than 1.5 yrs. Is there a way to tell if they're still good? Should I just toss?

  • Posted by: emf224
  • July 24, 2016


emf224 July 25, 2016
Thanks so much. I hate to waste food.
dinner A. July 24, 2016
They won't be dangerous, so just taste a couple to see if they still have their own flavor, and haven't picked up off flavors. I've definitely used some pretty old frozen cranberries that still tasted good.

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pierino July 24, 2016
The FDA recommends that you keep them for no more than 12 months if frozen fresh. That doesn't mean they'll kill you but they have probably lost most of the flavor you like in cranberries.
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