Cranberries are available now. How long will they last in the freezer and do I need to re-wrap then?

I want them available during the year, not just the winter holidays.

  • Posted by: Paulette
  • November 16, 2011


Greenstuff November 16, 2011
I agree that they'll last until next cranberry season but that planning on using them up during the winter makes the most sense. You do not need to re-wrap them. Keep in mind that they will not be the same after they've been frozen--they'll be soft.
MotherWouldKnow November 16, 2011
Sorry I forgot to answer how long they will last (haven't finished my morning coffee -not yet running full steam) - I've frozen them for as long as a year - basically from one cranberry season to the next. Typically, when they are going out of season, I buy some and freeze them to use during the winter. You can save them into the summer, but with so much great stuff available in the summer, seems like a waste of freezer space.
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