My Moroccan Chicken is supposed to be on a bed of couscous with spices and dried fruit. Mine is rancid. It is cooked with stock or water with butter and dried cranberries/blueberries. I have quinoa, can I use that in the same manner? Just cook it for 15 minutes. I've not cooked it before, is there a better way to do it?



susan G. January 7, 2011
Another "good thing about quinoa" is that it's an option for gluten-free cooking, as well as whole grain and quick. The red quinoa can sub for bulgur. If there are no restrictions, bulgur is another quick sub for couscous.
nutcakes January 7, 2011
I only had a spoonful but the quiona was delightful. I will sample it again tonight. The couscous was from a discount store, who knows how old it was. I also had it for quite a while. It had a distinct rancid odor (I have a supersniffer.)
chef_parks January 7, 2011
Quinoa is a good substitution and cooks up perfectly in a rice cookerif you have one. 2 arts water to one part rinsed dry quinoa and some salt.
AntoniaJames January 7, 2011
Thanks, hardlikearmour and healthier kitchen for the helpful info on quinoa. foodpickle and you PicklePals are the best!! ;o)
pierino January 7, 2011
The only way it can go rancid really is if you find insects living in it. Which can happen. But I agree with the quinoa consensus, and multi-cultural as well from Peru to Morocco.
Kayb January 7, 2011
You could use orzo, if you have it, or rice, or barley; any grain-like substance. And yes, I think quinoa would do admirably. Can't say I'd ever heard of couscous going rancid, though; how long had you had it, and how had you been storing it? (Wondering if I need to do a couscous check in my pantry....)
healthierkitchen January 7, 2011
I like to cook my quinoa for less time than the instructions say as I don't like it mushy. I cook it with the amount of water or stock recommended, but instead of covering the pan and waiting for the quinoa to absorb all the liquid, I cook it more like pasta and once the little circle appears around the outside (the endosperm?) - usually 10 or 12 minutes tops - I drain it over a mesh colander. A little toothier that way.
hardlikearmour January 6, 2011
Plus it is healthier!
katiebakes January 6, 2011
Quinoa would be delicious. As a rule you use double the amount of water as quinoa and cook 15-20 minutes or until water has absorbed. Be sure to rinse quinoa in a sieve until water runs clear.
Verdigris January 6, 2011
The quinoa would be a fine substitute.
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