Short Rib Question #1: I'm making the Dan Barber short ribs recipe tonight and was surprised at how expensive the ribs were. Then I noticed that while the butcher counter had "English cut short ribs" for $10.99 a pound, they had "beef short ribs (chuck)" for $5.99 a pound. I, of course got the cheap stuff.

Tell me I did the right thing. And if not, how do I salvage these ribs?

  • Posted by: Peter
  • January 29, 2011


Jake January 30, 2011
Just a guess and too late to help any but any recipe that calls for short ribs is probably asking for the "cheap stuff". I have never heard of "English Cut". By the way, the cheap stuff, because of certain trends in the culinary world, is becoming much more expensive!
TiggyBee January 29, 2011
Hi Peter, I found this info: and then Wikipedia said the English cut was just a longer cut, but I'm wondering if it's actually cut from the rib instead of the chuck. I hope someone comes along with more info. I be interested to learn the difference too.
Peter January 29, 2011
TiggyBee, thanks so much -- interesting reading, though the descriptions don't make it clear if what I have is the cut of meat the recipe calls for.

From the smell emanating from my oven, I think I'm in good shape but I'm still curious. When told to buy "short ribs" what cut does one want?
TiggyBee January 29, 2011 -

Scroll down the page and there is a section explaining both the difference.
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