Help! I am making beef short ribs, and don't have 4 hours! How long, what temp?

I was making Dan Barber's beef short ribs and messed up timing--thought they took 2 hours, not 4!!!! It's 8pm now. Luckily I'm serving them tomorrow. But I can't stay up til 1am.... I'm still browning. What temp can I do for 2.5 hours at? Thank you!!

Heather Warburton


ChezHenry November 2, 2014
Too bad you don't have a pressure cooker. You'd make short work of them.
jmburns November 2, 2014
No pun intended. I am sure.
Susan W. October 31, 2014
You really can't rush them, so..cook them for two hours now and set your alarm and finish them tomorrow. They'll be cold so you'll need to add time. Maybe an extra 30 minutes.
Heather W. October 31, 2014
Thanks Susan. Would I still take off the fat tomorrow before cooking them again?

What about doing 3 hours? If I did 3, what temp?
Susan W. October 31, 2014
If you cook them at a higher temp, they wont get melty tender. There won't be much fat until they are finished cooking. You can skim the fat off tomorrow. It's not as easy to do as it is when you have time to let the fat solidify, but it's totally doable. In fact, that recipe doesn't have you let it chill overnight does it?

Another idea is to set your alarm for 1am and just take the lid off and set them in the fridge and go back to sleep. Or...get up early enough tomorrow so there's enough time to chill it before you reheat them.
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