Can I make a 2-ingredient pizza dough crunchy?

I recently made pizza dough made of flour and yogurt in 10 minutes. I added some cornmeal and garlic salt for flavoring. The pizza turned out great and it had great flavor and texture, but the crust was unfortunately chewy. My temperature was 375º F . Any suggestions?

  • Posted by: Slapow
  • February 1, 2022


AntoniaJames February 2, 2022
I'd increase the heat of the oven. 375 seems too low for getting a good crust. Also, if you could just give yourself 10 - 15 minutes more - time to allow the oven to get good and hot (as your oven may not actually be at a consistent 375, despite what your temperature panel may say, within the 10 minutes it takes to put the crust together) you could add a touch of yeast that you've softened in very warm water with some sugar. Do that as the very first step, then add the flour, and then add the yogurt. Let that sit while you prep your toppings. I can't promise it will make a difference, but it's certainly worth a try. ;o)
Nancy February 1, 2022
Generally, i think you'll get more crunch with a traditional yeast dough. But there are a few tricks out there that may help:
1) as you suggest, coat with olive oil
2) preheat the pan or stone you are cooking on, before placing the pizza dough
3) cook the dough a few minutes before adding the topping.
Slapow February 1, 2022
Thanks, but I still really want to use this super fast recipe to literally make in 5-10 minutes without yeast. Is there some sort of “special ingredient” is can use?
Nancy February 2, 2022
Sorry, Slapow, don't know of a single (magic, maybe) ingredient that will make the crust crunchy.
To make the pizza crunchy, however, top it - when cooked and out of the oven - with a crunchy ingredient compatible with the topping...bacon, roasted beans, crumble topping for a fruit pizza, peanuts for a chocolate pizza and so on.
Nancy February 2, 2022
PS The fruit and chocolate pizza ideas may sound weird, but they are adaptations from noodles dessert dishes with fruit or chocolate.
Not a regular menu item, but a nice treat once in a while.
Slapow February 1, 2022
*Would adding olive oil to the bottom work to make it crunchy?*
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