As a tribute to the soon-to-be-gone "Minimalist" column, I was wondering what you pickler's favorite Bittman recipe has been?



happycao January 31, 2011
ohh wow... I love the Jim Lahey's no knead as well..and LOVE his videos...
I'm gonna have to do a day of the week, tributed to his recipe!.. A BITTMAN DAY!
cookinginvictoria January 30, 2011
Here's another link for those wanting to see ALL of Mark Bittman's Minimalist columns.

So sorry to see this column end. I have been reading (and cooking from it) since the very beginning. It is hard for me to just pick one or two Bittman recipes. But the ones that I return to again and again that are in the regular rotation in my kitchen are: Pasta with Bones, Salmon Roasted in Butter, and, Shrimp in Green Sauce. I, too, adore Jim Lahey's No Knead Bread.
amysarah January 30, 2011
Thanks for linking his list, mrslarkin - helps trigger my memory.

Just drawing from his NYT columns (not his books,) I'd say: Miso Glazed Cod; the legendary No-Knead Bread (tho, that's Jim Lahey's recipe, channeled via Bittman); and his Spaghetti with Fried Eggs...because it's almost precisely what I regularly made years ago as a grad student, attempting to eat on like 37 cents/meal (my version also included a small pinch of hot red pepper flakes.) Delicious, super quick/cheap and something about the egg yolk coating the pasta feels almost luxurious. (And dang, I thought I'd invented it. Oh well ;-)

Kayb January 30, 2011
I'm not sure if it ever ran in the column or not, but his fried rice from How To Cook Everything is a standard in my kitchen rotation; as is his pizza dough from the same book. I did love his 100 quick appetizers column, though.
mrslarkin January 30, 2011
Great question happycao. I'm not sure I have a favorite. They are all so interesting. But here are Bittman's 25 favorites:
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