an i beat egg yolks for 10 minutes then use them in a cooked custard for Tiramisu?

i am trying to combine Tiramisu recipes,,, 1 has an uncooked custard & for that it says to whisk eggs for 8-10 minutes .... but there is another recipe that you cook the custard BOTH take 6 egg yolks so I am wondering what would happen if I beat the egg yolks for that long & then cooked them?



PHIL August 11, 2016
I agree with C Sangueza , it is not going to end well for you trying to combine the recipes.
C S. August 11, 2016
Egg yolks do not whip up the way the whites do. If you beat them that long they will get thicker and lighter colored but I am not sure that you gain anything by beating them for that long. In fact they make become hard more quickly. I would stick to one recipe and try it out before trying to combine the techniques from two different ones.
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