6-Minute Meyer Lemon Custard

The note for this recipe (http://food52.com/recipes...) says this was made with a blender that heats the contents. The recipe writer hasn't responded to an earlier comment, so I'm not sure she's being notified of questions; as a result, I'm posting my question here. For those without a blender, the recipe says we have to cook the custard. Does that mean those with a blender that does *not* have a heating function should also cook the custard to make sure the eggs are fully cooked?

Diana B
  • Posted by: Diana B
  • March 24, 2013


Kristen M. March 24, 2013
Diana, I'm so glad you liked the custard! I'd love to know where you think the recipe is unclear -- I want to make sure it's not confusing for others.
Diana B. March 24, 2013
Just made this. Oh. My. Goodness. It's just out of this world!
Diana B. March 24, 2013
That answers my question, then, Stephanie, but I think it should be made clearer in the recipe that if you don't use a blender with a heating element, you must cook the custard to make it safe.
Stephanie B. March 24, 2013
I actually tried it with an immersion blender and it worked very well. I blended with my immersion blender and then transferred to a double boiler and cooked to 160.
Diana B. March 24, 2013
Thanks, Cade. I'm going to make it, too, but I just wondered if it could be made with a stick blender, too. I guess I'll get the old double boiler out!
Cade March 24, 2013
I made this. I don't have a fancy blender. I blended all the ingredients in my cheapo blender and then transferred it to the double boiler on my stove and cooked it to 160. Worth it - it was delicious.
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