Lovely holidays coming up, and I hate the look of my slow cooker on the buffet. Anyone have nice ideas about how to disguise it?

Not sure if anyone makes a silverplated slow cooker, but I'd buy one! Would prefer not to just drape with a cloth...



Rachel November 8, 2015
When I need to present something buffet style, I purchased a portable electric burner a while back. It is great to be able to plug it in and set a nice piece of cookware on top of it. Also easier to regulate temperature than a sterno can.
Nancy November 8, 2015
If you must have it (for heating purposes), have nothing else for the purpose, but don't like its looks...consider making a station for it in the kitchen, where it will look more at home.
Perhaps locate it near a drinks station, to provide another gathering point, and spread the traffic.
702551 November 8, 2015
Personally, I would transfer the contents to a clay pot for serving. You don't need to transfer the entire amount, just enough to get service started.

You can preheat the clay pot in the oven. If you need to maintain a low heat, I suggest using a butane cooktop (like a Cassette Feu), at least it's mostly covered up by the clay pot. Keep an eye on the contents level and refill as necessary.

It sure is a nicer presentation than a stainless steel hotel pan in a steam table.
scruz November 8, 2015
you might get some variable height potted plants such as chrysanthemums or get some small jars/bottles and fill with flowers in colors of tablescape.
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