sunchokes or jerusalem artichokes - I don't have enough for soup, but should I peel them and roast them? not peel them and roast them? slice them & pan fry them? roast them w/other roots and toss w/couscous? suggestions, please!



innoabrd February 1, 2011
I think they're delicious raw, but wouldn't serve them to guests as they can give some people, myself included, serious gas.
Anitalectric January 30, 2011
They are so good raw. Just slice really thin and marinate in lemon, olive oil, dill, S&P. Here is a pizzetta I made that has them on top along with caramelized onions and cashew ricotta.
schlegela January 30, 2011
I don't bother to peel. I just scrub well roast with some evoo and salt and then throw a dash of balsamic vinegar on after cooking.
relentless January 30, 2011
Cut them into scallop-sized pieces and trim off a few of the gnarlier-looking bumps but don't peel them. Sear them in oil in a hot cast-iron pan then transfer to a 450 degree oven. Turn them a couple times for a total of 15-20 minutes in the oven, toss with salt and pepper. Super delicious and simple. A starter or a side. We just cook them and eat them while we are deciding what to have for dinner!
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