Salted caramel ice cream won't freeze?

I've made salted caramel ice cream a dozen times, but this time my custard just won't freeze after 20-30 mins churning in the icecream maker! I did have to use iodized table sat instead of the usual sea salt for this recipe, eyeballing the amount (as I've always done) without realizing this may have been the culprit for lowering the custard's freezing point. Is there a way to save this? Or am I left with a large tub of caramel creme anglaise?

  • Posted by: PW
  • August 13, 2016


Shuna L. August 14, 2016
I have never seen salt lower the freezing point of ice cream, it's usually the caramel's fault. Usually too much caramel, or not enough cold, will keep an ice cream soft. you could try freezing the mixture overnight and then putting it in your ice cream maker? Or, use as a sauce of another dessert, as Susan W mentioned. I like to put cake on top of crème anglaise, though, instead of pouring over - as I feel the latter makes for soggy cake.
KingOfKings November 16, 2022
Shuna, you should go back to middle science class and learn that ice lowers the freezing point of everything it's in. Why do you think they put salt on the roads in the winter? It's very common knowledge dude. In this case, it's 1000% the salts fault. It's been scientifically proven.
Susan W. August 13, 2016
Yes, I believe the salt is the culprit. Make Amanda's chocolate dump cake, drizzle your "creme anglaise" over and call it a day.
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