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A question about a recipe: Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo Bake

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I have a question about the recipe "Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo Bake " from Gena Hamshaw. What is nutritional yeast?

asked by Martin Belderson 7 months ago
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Susan W

Susan W is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added 7 months ago

It's an actual yeast that is heat dried and therefore deactivated. It has a kind of cheesy quality. It's delicious on cauliflower, kale, popcorn etc. You can get it at many grocery stores or health food stores. I get mine at Whole Foods in their bulk section. I like the flaked version. Brags also has it in a spice type container in powdered form.

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Trena Heinrich

Trena is a trusted source on general cooking.

added 6 months ago

I'm newly converted - I can't eat popcorn without it, delicious! Oftentimes it's fortified with B12. I made some kale chips the other day and it was very good.