which half of cauliflower do you use for the sauce? the blended half?

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1 Comment

Emmie November 5, 2017
The recipe is a little unclear, but after the cauliflower is cooked, it just says to "Place half of the florets into your blender, reserving the other half." So half the florets are sitting in the blender, unblended. Later it says "Blend half of the cauliflower florets with the garlic, non-dairy milk, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, salt, and pepper." The "half of the cauliflower florets" there should be the half sitting in the blender from earlier. Then later, you "Toss the pasta, the remaining cauliflower florets, the peas, and all of the sauce together." Those are the florets that were reserved from earlier.
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