Finally the tomatoes are turning and I have made roasted tomatoes, which I turn into sauce or use them on a salad. What other ideas for a variety of small tomatoes? This is how they looked after roasting and they are SO tasty!

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Picholine August 23, 2016
Cherry tomatoes roasted until a sun dried tomato look then frozen. Then use in recipes calling for sun dried tomatoes . Love the concentrated flavor.
BerryBaby August 22, 2016
Note: The tomatoes in the photo are from the potted tomatoes, which are now finished for the year. Waiting patiently for garden varieties to ripen. They are larger tomatoes.
Em August 19, 2016
New favorite thing to do with a glut of cherry tomatoes is make confit: drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with rosemary, and roast. Tomato basil is a classic combination, but you should definitely give tomato and rosemary a try. You'll love it!
I keep the confit in a jar in the fridge and add for a serious savory punch for plain rice or pasta. You could also use it as a marinade for meat.
amysarah August 18, 2016
When tomatoes are plentiful, I make this soup - served as I posted it (an homage to a BLT,) or just on its own, with a grilled cheese sandwich.
C S. August 16, 2016
I'm surprised no one has mentioned gazpacho yet. We keep a pitcher of it in the refrigerator during tomato season.
Susan W. August 18, 2016
Do you have a good recipe you can post? I've been making Cooks Illustrated for years, or I just wing it, but in the mood to try something different
C S. August 18, 2016
Susan, I use Penelope Casa's recipe for Classic Andalusian Gazpacho. Here is a link to a copy of the recipe. I do not use the pinch of sugar or the cumin, and my daughter plays around with the amounts of garlic and vinegar. Its our favorite though.
Susan W. August 18, 2016
Thank you SO much. This looks very different than the usual chunky style that I'm used to. Can't wait to try it.
Smaug August 22, 2016
A recipe search on this site lists 5 Salmorejo recipes: I seem to recall one of them being featured last week. Haven't tried any of them, but worth a look.
Kristen W. August 16, 2016
Oops, green bean recipe link appears not to have worked. Trying again:
Kristen W. August 16, 2016
Chop roughly and cook down a little further with garlic and a glug of olive oil and use as bruschetta topping; serve as accompaniment to this fantastic green bean dish:; add to pasta salads; use them to add depth to anything braised; I used them in my arroz con pollo last week; make them into a relish and serve with salmon or anything asking for a pop of sweet acidity; as other have mentioned they are a great addition to ratatouille; so many applications!
Susan August 15, 2016
If you have access to a dehydrator, halve and dry. If you dry bunches, toss a gallon of very dry toms into a food processor and powder. 1 to 1 with water = paste, 1 to 2 parts water = sauce. I keep a jar of the powder in my freezer.
BerryBaby August 16, 2016
Thanks, but no dehydrator. Never heard of tomato powder, sounds very interesting.
PHIL August 15, 2016
I forgot to mention, those look really good BerryBaby.
BerryBaby August 16, 2016
Thanks, Phil! I thought the colors and texture were so beautiful that I had to capture it on camera.
MMH August 15, 2016
I cut tomatoes in half and roast in a rimmed sheet pan with sliced onions & garlic with olive oil & salt & pepper. It doesn't matter what they look like. I watch them carefully because their water content will determine how fast they cook. When they are done, I pour them in to a stock pot and cook off any liquid slowly. Then, I purée with an immersion blender. Then skins just purée in to the sauce. I leave it thick and freeze it in 2 cup freezer bags. Later on it can become soup or tomato sauce depending on my needs. If I'm really in a hurry, I core them & put them in freezer bags. When they thaw the skins just fall off.
PHIL August 15, 2016
How about a fattoush? A little twist on a tomato salad also on that same twist, a panzanella salad. Another idea is on a pizza, I like to slice them thin on top of a layer of fresh ricotta on the pizza. some fresh garlic and oregano.

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kate August 15, 2016
Not another idea, but I just thought I'd mention, roasted tomatoes freeze beautifully. I make tray after tray of them in the summer and then freeze them in quart freezer bags or wide mouth pint jars. We eat them all winter long as a pizza topping, pasta sauce, add them to soups, etc.
inpatskitchen August 15, 2016
We've been making this delicious spread:
Susan W. August 15, 2016
This is my all time favorite ratatouille recipe. I make it and freeze lots for a fun taste of summer in February.
BerryBaby August 16, 2016
I love ratatouille, my dad would make it with fresh vegetables from the garden. So recall the wonder aroma throughout the house. Looking forward to making it, it's on my fall lineup. Thank you for the link, I'll have to give this recipe a try.
scruz August 14, 2016
my italian neighbor used to grow so many that she couldn't keep up with making sauce etc. to freeze. she had a second freezer in the garage for all of the yummy things she would make. anyway, she used to just freeze them whole if she was going to cook with them later as you can't tell once they break down in cooking. she used to strain out the seeds and skin later. she was a fabulous cook.
BerryBaby August 16, 2016
This is great but let me understand, you place them in a freezer bag and do nothing to them? Like freezing blueberries?
PHIL August 16, 2016
I freeze them whole all the time,especially when they are a little overripe to slice and eat. I keep them in a ziploc till I have a bunch. You can drop them in hot water and the skin peels right off when you are ready to use them, great way to save tomatoes that are overripe.
BerryBaby August 22, 2016
Thanks, Phil, I am going to try this! I have a ton of green tomatoes still on the garden vines (the pots went Ka-pooie!) We've had a number of 100+ days and hoping that will give them a boost to ripen. We still have a good month and a half of beautiful, warm days so just maybe they will start to turn. Fingers crossed!
jeinde August 14, 2016
I make salsa ranchero with roasted tomatoes: wonderful as huevos rancheros or as an enchilada sauce. To one large roasted tomato I add one broiled jalapeno or serrano pepper with skin removed: blend together. Saute one slice of diced onion and one clove diced garlic in a small amount of oil: add tomato mixture and cook for another 5 mins. Salt to taste. Sauce freezes very well; doesn't lose flavor. Adapt the number of your smaller tomatoes accordingly.

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