mushroom vs vegetable broth

When should I use mushroom broth instead of vegetable stock?



Kristen W. August 19, 2016
...though as Phil points out you do sacrifice delicacy.
Kristen W. August 19, 2016
Vegetable broth has more sweetness than mushroom broth, which as others have mentioned is heavy on the umami, but virtually devoid of sweetness. Mushroom broth can give backbone to a dish that already has a lot of vegetal sweetness.
Jennifer August 18, 2016
To add onto this, my question was really meant to be generic. Recipes will usually call for vegetable stock, but you can get flavor boosts by modifying the quantities and adding other flavor profiles.
PHIL August 18, 2016
I like mushroom stock with meaty dishes, I like the deep umami flavor of mushrooms. I think of vegetable stock as a more neutral base. I think mushroom broth can overpower more delicate dishes. at least that is my opinion, so I would think about the other flavors you are using before using one or the other. I hope that give you more insight.
PHIL August 18, 2016
The flavor profile is different. What are you making with the broth/stock?
702551 August 18, 2016
When you prefer the mushroom flavor.
PHIL August 18, 2016
were you been cv?
702551 August 18, 2016
I'm an Internet nomad, been checking out some other place.

I probably won't be here much longer. My feet are feeling like it's time to move on.

As you know, I'm not much of a recipe person, looking for more in-depth articles about technique as well as food coverage on a more global perspective, not just an American-centric cocoon.
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