looking for a vegetable side dish to pair with mushroom risotto, any suggestions?

Grace Nora


klrcon February 6, 2014
I, too, tend to serve risotto as its own course, but that's just because I'm Italian and that's how I grew up with it - as a first course. If I were to do sides with it I'd go with something sprightly to balance out the richness of the risotto - an arugula salad or perhaps a lemony green bean or asparagus dish. Good luck!
nashama February 6, 2014
When I serve risotto I also do it as a course on its own....largely because it's a place setting nightmare on my small table otherwise! I have, in lieu of a salad, done a trio of roasted veggies before: asparagus, beets, and broccoli or green beans.
Maedl February 6, 2014
I would serve the risotto as a separate course--it should be good enough to stand alone. Perhaps if you really want something to serve with it, I'd try a green salad. I would precede the risotto with a soup--perhaps chestnut or pumpkin soup. Add some Italian cookies for dessert--perhaps biscotti or some pine nut cookies--or slice a juicy pear to serve with Parmesan and walnuts. Open an Italian white (I'm partial to the whites from Orvieto), and be sure to let me know when the soup's on.
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