looking for a vegetable side dish to pair with mushroom risotto, any suggestions?

Grace Nora


healthierkitchen February 7, 2014
I like to roast something green like broccoli or brussels sprouts till some parts are a little crispy. Just olive oil, salt and pepper. The color complements the risotto and the crispy bits are a nice textural change.
LeBec F. February 6, 2014
mushrm risotto is the entree or one of the sides?
pierino February 6, 2014
Because risotto has its origin in the Veneto region of Italy I would think "terroir". Radicchio would match well; either the oblong radicchio Treviso or the globular Chioggia shape. Simply grilled and brushed with olive oil it will match well with your risotto.
Chef J. February 6, 2014
I usually do a garlic,white wine stewed tomato and green been dish. I used to make it at the first restaurant I worked at as a kid in St. Louis
mrslarkin February 6, 2014
I usually serve risotto as a first course, or as a side dish to a roasted/braised meat/poultry dish. But the following recipes sound like a good pairing, too:




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